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A Vital Energy Resource For A Better Tomorrow

Powerful solutions for a sustainable future

Our scope of business covers deployment of Power Transformers at different levels of the power grid, Solar Electrification integration, Construction of Substation and Transmission Line Systems.

Power & Energy Management

We provide the platform for high-tech as well as retrofitting lagacy energy systems with smart devices to make management, analysis and monitoring of substation and industrial sources possible.

Substation Equipment & Installation

Whether conventional protection and control schemes or full digital substations, we work with key industry leaders to deliver efficiency in system setup and operation using well tested and trusted equipment and skilled manpower.

Power Transformer

Extensive expertise in power transformer installation, operations management as well as maintainance. We deliver excellent serbvices in collaboration with out partners fro manufacturers to logistic servcies provider, Etc.

IOT Smart Metering

We put together the best team for specific business development and advisory task. The result is always excellent and effective.

Project Management

Merging technical skills and world class team of globally certified project management team, services and solutions are delivered on schedule and with budget.

Off Grid Solar Electrification

Renewable energy is a fast moving multi-tier entry and vertical market. From rural solar street lighting to MW capacity solar farms for both on and off Grid solutions.